Services Provided

Partners International Foundation aggressively seeks to increase the productivity and human resource stewardship within international humanitarian programs through facilitating inter-agency and inter-organization partnerships what focus resources to achieve clearly defined end-states. These partnerships have the collateral effect of expediting programs, reducing duplicity of effort, and increasing resource stewardship.

Crisis Planning, Response and Recovery

Through our Capital Analysis and Performance Strategy (CAPS), the CAI specializes in assisting governments at any level as well as other non-profits in planning responses for natural and man-made disasters in order to mitigate their impacts; assess their impact and assist in response when they occur; and support the long-term recovery to re-establish normalcy and better prepare for the next event. We provide support through the entire continuum.

Logistics Assessments and Supply Chain Support

Logistics operational and planning experts are available to support studies, operations, planning, and program development and implementation. If your organization requires support in any of these areas, the Foundation has the civil-military expertise required .To assist organizations in achieving operational improvements and to facilitate planning, Partners International Foundation maintains a capability to conduct detailed logistics assessments and surveys such as the recently conducted Contingency Stocks assessment refined and expanded by Partners International Foundation for World Food Program's ALITE. These services range from specific site surveys to full studies and assessments of logistics operations.

Strategic Planning and Quality Management for Organizations

As the humanitarian community moves toward strategic planning and quality management in order to meet donor requirements for greater resource stewardship, the need for detailed strategic plans drives humanitarian organizations to incorporate the ISO standards as well as deploy quality management throughout agencies and organizations. Partners International Foundation volunteers have the capability to assist organizations in all facets of quality management to include functional reviews, organizational assessment, strategic planning, benchmarking, balanced scorecard development, etc.

An organization's strategic plan is it's roadmap to future improvement and growth. A good strategic plan is a living document, one that includes guidance, explanation, and directive. Its intent is to set the organizational vision and direction through shared goals, objectives, and strategies while allowing all parts of the organization to reach and exceed those goals in an employee empowered, innovative environment. A good strategic plan will grow with the organization. It is the basis for centralized strategic planning at the executive level level and decentralized functional planning at the staff office, agency, and directorate levels. Partners International Foundation assist humanitarian and non-profit organizations in developing and deploying strategic plans.

In addition to the strategic planning process itself, Partners International Foundation makes available facilitators and expertise to train organizations in Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecard, ISO (European Quality Standard) and Functional Reviews.  Through its humanitarian assessment and certification programs, the foundation seeks to deploy quality standards throughout the community based on ISO and Malcomb-Baldridge criteria.

Internal Quality Assessments

Partners International Foundation has the resident expertise in Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Program Planning and Execution, Lean, and other tools to help your organization achieve continuous improvement. Partners International Foundation maintains a capability to conduct assessments and certification under it's own program, as well as provide qualifying organizations and agencies facilitation and support to develop internal assessments programs. An organization cannot improve unless it first determines the areas in need of improvement and charts a course to a defined vision and realistic goals and objectives. Re-organization and re-alignment without the firm base of data analysis and a clear view of the organization is counter-productive. Through its organizational assessment program, Partners International Foundation provides a detailed and objective review of an organization against recognized quality standards.  Assessments are conducted on-site and "virtually", in a mix that produces the best assessment at the least cost to the organization.