Partners International Foundation (PIF) is a 100% all volunteer non-profit, non-governmental organization recognized as a public charity under United States Law, section 501(c)(3).

PIF is composed of dedicated individuals who, collectively, possess extensive experience and/or advanced degrees in international affairs (some are sovereigns), military operations, technology development, social science, test and measurement, software design, and program evaluation. We solve problems by working at the community level by identifying and eliminating root causes.

Our major focus efforts currently include the Global Campaign against Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDS) (www.campaignagainstieds.org) to stop IED violence and aid victims - including the growing threat from IEDs used by juveniles involved in School Violence.  Helping the Heroes supports military veterans recovering from the wounds of war through rehabilitation; job training and placement; and other programs. We honor and support our first responders for the sacrifices they make daily to protect and keep us safe.

PIF executes by enabling collaboration between local people and international experts to plan, develop, and maintain sustainable livelihoods. Our operating philosophy uses an innovative approach that brings together members of the public and private sectors. These public-private partnerships harness intellect, imagination, and creativity with material and non-material solutions to execute collaborative locally led programs.

Our work includes successes in the United States, Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Grenada, Guatemala, and Nicaragua spanning the spectrum of humanitarian efforts from development to crisis response.

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