Zimbabwe Eye Care

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eyecare Dr. Steve Beatty and his Eye Care for the Needy clinic in Zimbabwe is a great example of  the impact dedicated humanitarians can have without large bureaucracies when they receive the support they need.

Recently, during one afternoon of work in the rural village of Mbhiza (about 50 km from Victoria Falls), Dr. Beatty and his family gave up a lucrative practice in Columbus, Georgia to provide free eye care to a country torn by war and ravaged by poverty. In one free clinic Dr. Beatty and his small team saw about 220 patients and dispensed over 125 pairs of eyeglasses.

In the evenings they used a small generator to show a spiritual films. For many of the local inhabitants this was their first experience with movies. A team of volunteers from Memphis, Tennessee worked with Dr. Beatty and his team for a total of 9 days, and conducted the clinic and another one about 250 km from Mbhiza for another two days.