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Our Successes

Jose Salazar

jose-intro12-year-old José Alejandro Salazar was a year and a half old doctors found a cancerous tumor in his eye. Doctors were able to remove the cancer but it meant removing his eye as well. Jose lived with a patch over his eye for six months until he was finally able to receive an artificial eye.

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Zimbabwe Eye Care

eyecare-introDr. Steve Beatty and his Eye Care for the Needy clinic in Zimbabwe is a great example of  the impact dedicated humanitarians can have without large bureaucracies when they receive the support they need.

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The Kenia Castro Project

kenia-intro26-year-old Kenia Castro who now lives in Leon, Nicaragua was only six years old when she lost both her legs in a rocket explosion during civil war in Nicaragua. Kenia was born on July 1, 1981 in Bluefields city, Nicaragua. Kenia needs prosthetic legs that will free her to live a productive and fruitful life. Partners International Foundation, in cooperation with the Fairfield Connecticut Police Department is raising funds so this young woman can get the legs she needs to realize her dreams.

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Human Daily Ration (HDR) Assessment

hdr-introA Partners International Foundation team travelled to Afghanistan and completed what is recognized as the first and only known objective "ground" assessment of the United States Department of Defense's program to air drop Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDR) to feed displaced persons

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911 Children

katie-introThe day after terrorist attacks killed thousands at the Pentagon, World Trade Center, and four hijacked airplanes, Katie Morris, a student at Hardaway High School in Columbus, Georgia decided to make a statement. For a month after the attacks Katie wore only black to school with an American flag pinned to her shirt.

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Stability Operations Course (A523)

cgsoc-introThrough special arrangements with the United States Army Command and General Staff College, members of the Healthy Africa Scenarios Exercise (HASE) Community of Practice are invited to participate in a special course on Stability Operations.

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Burkino Faso

wfp-introThe World Food Program (WFP), in conjunction with its interagency, organizational and governmental partners, conducted a Contingency Planning (CP) workshop during the period 15-19 September 1997 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

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Civil-Military Training

cgsoc-introThe Cooperative Education Partnership supporting the United States Army Command and General Staff College and the International Humanitarian Community evolved from informal discussions regarding the need to increase the interface between military planers and international relief organizations.

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  • Healthy Africa Scenario Exercise (HASE)

    Partners International Foundationannounces the first Healthy Africa Scenarios Exercise (HASE). HASE is designed to positively contribute to Africa’s healthier future. HASE will bring together leading Africa and international stakeholders to deliberate, and act, on Africa’s response to epidemic risks.

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