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Healthy Africa Scenario Exercise (HASE)

Partners International Foundationannounces the first Healthy Africa Scenarios Exercise (HASE). HASE is designed to positively contribute to Africa’s healthier future. HASE will bring together leading Africa and international stakeholders to deliberate, and act, on Africa’s response to epidemic risks.

Healthy Africa Scenarios Exercise (HASE) Overview

hase-introAccording to this year’s World Health Organization annual report,  39 new diseases have developed since 1970,  among them Aids, Ebola, Sars and the current threat of Avian Flu. HIV/Aids alone continues to have devastating impact on Africa’s overall economy and security. HASE 2008 seeks to broaden and deepen dialogue, and contribute to actions, that will help build Africa’s national and regional capacity for self-sufficiency.


HASE Workshop 1

HASE 2008 Workshop 1 was held at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center in Ghana in January. It was a tremendous success and produced the initial draft of the Capital Analysis and Performance Strategy (CAPS) and a specific request by WHO to investigate using deploying CAPS in a West African Country as a proof of concept.


HASE Program Support

HASE 2008 is building a strong base of Multi-National support.  These documents reflect increasing interest and commitment from  both the public and private sectors.


HASE Panel Members

The HASE Community of Practice has global support with 138 members. These subject matter experts from governments, international organizations, non-government organizations, colleges, universities, the private sector and the military have come together to make this initiative a success.


HASE Participate

Documents that you will review and submit to participate in HASE


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