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Support to Children who Lost Parents in Terrorist Attacks

The day after terrorist attacks killed thousands at the Pentagon, World Trade Center, and four hijacked airplanes, Katie Morris, a student at Hardaway High School in Columbus, Georgia decided to make a statement. For a month after the attacks Katie wore only black to school with an American flag pinned to her shirt. Each day she can still be seen wearing the flag, and has become affectionately know as "the Flag Girl".

But for Katie, a young lady with high ideals, symbols were not enough. She saw the need to do something. Katie raised funds with Partners International Foundation to support our programs and increase the interest in other children in human rights, humanitarian relief, and supporting those in need. She hopes to some day gather groups of students as volunteers to visit needy children in Afghanistan, Rwanda, Grenada, and other places as well as the needy in her own country—the United States.

Katie was recently joined in her project by the famous author Robin Moore (The Green Berets, The French Connection, and more) who donated autographed copies of his works to raise funds. Katie's interest in helping is not new.

When she was 10-years-old she began the World Peace Club with Partners International Foundation to start a forum for children to become involved with humanitarian programs. In a world where we continually hear concern about the future, it is good to know that future will have people like Katie helping shape it.

News Coverage of Katie's Efforts

WTVM, channel 9, in Columbus, GA covered Katies efforts.  View an excerpt from that newscast below.

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